Veneklasen Engineering Solutions

VES was established in 2008, Acquired by Veneklasen Associates, Inc. in 2021 with a primary aim to assist the industry by providing solutions for combat equipment in the area of Shock, Vibration & Noise by undertaking onboard measurements and computational simulations. VES is a professionally managed company run by highly qualified and experienced personnel from relevant fields. We have also been conducting training modules with a view to imparting relevant knowledge in the above areas to our customers.

Our Key Staff

Mahabir S. Atwal, PHD

Dr. Atwal has done his Doctorate in Physics/Acoustics from Leicester University. He has over 40+ years of rich experience in the field of acoustics, noise, and vibration. He has consulted on over 2000 projects worldwide ranging from shipbuilding, and shock Analysis in vessels to computational fluid dynamics modeling & analysis. He has also published over 25 technical papers.


Squadron leader Niroo Sharma (Retd) has a strong history in handling project management, operations, strategic budgeting, financial planning, and company administration. She has over 17 years of vivid experience in operations and team handling. Her core competencies are acquired from her background in the Indian Air Force, where she served as a leader of the team handling multipurpose roles such as - operations management, inventory management, project planning, and decision making.

Stephen Martin, PHD

Dr. Stephen Martin has completed his Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering and Research work in Aeroacoustics from the University of California, USA. He has over 35+ years of experience in Underwater Noise Vibration measurements and control. He has provided consultancy in the design of acoustically silent machines, design analysis, and undertaking simulation studies using Finite Elements and Statistical Energy Analysis.


Anika has played a role in the business development and management of major projects in the United States and throughout the world. These projects include airports and rail stations; civic centers and government buildings, courthouses, hotels, resorts, residential properties; educational facilities from childcare centers to K-12 campuses, to university buildings; public safety and detention centers; hospitals and research laboratories; industrial and manufacturing plants, and office buildings. 

Her work in acoustics has included noise/vibration measurements and regulatory analysis and preparing of noise impact analysis for environmental projects, before and during attending University. By studying Environmental Science, Anika not only has achieved an understanding of the impact of noise and vibration on the environment, and she has also achieved a broader perspective on how to solve a problem. 


Our Parent Company

Veneklasen Associates Inc. - Founded in 1947 is the oldest acoustical consulting firm in the world. VA's knowledge of acoustics science and professional standards results from decades of experience designing thousands of Projects worldwide. We believe that acoustics is a science and that we are dealing with a quantitative subject where results should be predictable and subject to formulation.

  • We are one of the founders of Acoustical Engineering, Noise Control, Vibration Control & Audio/Video design.
  • Our technology research includes reducing aircraft noise during WWII, to designing aircraft hush houses.
  • We are regularly invited to present research papers & professional seminars worldwide.
  • We have our own laboratory WEAL accredited by NVLAP.

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